• Resonating mountains

    Resonating mountains

    Resonating Mountains2023 Installation ( 48 ceramic pieces)a book with text and photography(you can read here) at the exhibition “Verzacht verleden”together with Petra Ipenburg and Harma de Pontat Galerie in de Molen, Wassenaar Petra Ipenburg, Soonhwa Kang and Harma de Pont have in common that they create conceptual, highly personal and abstract work.  Softened past means…

  • ‘Contact’ collab expo

    ‘Contact’ collab expo

    12.2022 – 1.2023 Yvonne Haven x Soonhwa Kang “Contact” Raamgalerie Windows 47 @Galerie.windows47 Kleine Houtweg 47, Haarlem

  • Small cosmos
  • Talking to her II

    Talking to her II

    31 May-24 July 2022 Soonhwa Kang“Talking to her ll” Solo expo at The Art of September Amsterdam In my art practice, I use materials such as ink and clay. Both show intriguing transitions from wet to dry. They also respond dynamically to the combination of different materials. I search for new possibilities based on ancient materials…

  • Talking to her, ch2

    Talking to her, ch2

    Chapter 2. Contemplate Ceramic piecesdifferent sizes2021 TAKING TO HERI remember my mother and grandmother talking to plants as if they have a soul. When having a memorial ceremony, we talk to photographs of our lost loved ones believing that their souls are near. Reminiscing about these memories is the starting point of my work. I…