Soonhwa Kang

multidisciplinary visual artist/designer

Soonhwa Kang grew up in Japan with Korean heritage. She studied German literature and graphic design in Tokyo, and Visual Arts in The Netherlands. She has been worked in Tokyo, Singapore, NY and Amsterdam as a visual designer.

Her body of work is mainly composed with ink paintings, drawings and ceramic pieces with the theme of connection and healing. They are an extension of her personal experience and memories being a third generation Korean-Japanese. The process of searching for her roots takes her on a journey to find her own visual identity.  In her  work she explores the concept of rituals, seeking for a space to contemplate and embrace complex feelings.

Currently she is based in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Own initiative / Collaborative projects

Hanato – Curated concept store
Connecting you with multi disciplined creators and their creations with inspiring stories.

Flatto 81
Creating products/workshops with handmade botanical inks and natural products

Hanato Morito
Developing educational material to inspire learning Japanese.