Soonhwa Kang | studio soona

Artist / Designer

Born in Tokyo with Korean heritage. Based in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Soonhwa’s paintings and ceramic objects are characterized by nuanced hues and subtle textures, drawing viewers into a world where memory and metaphor intertwine.

As a third-generation Korean-Japanese, her creative process is deeply influenced by her cultural heritage. Delving into the practices of memorial ceremonies, where we meticulously prepare special foods and pay homage to our ancestors, has ignited a curiosity about the belief in invisible souls.

Through the ancient mediums of ink and clay, she embarks on a poignant exploration of identity and belonging, seamlessly bridging the chasm between tradition and contemporary expression.

She has been showing her work at several galleries and unconventional spaces in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Zoetermeer and Wassenaar.

Collaborative projects

Hanato – online community / concept store
Connecting you with multi disciplined creators and their creations with inspiring stories.

organising art exhibitions for emerging artists

Flatto 81
Creating products/workshops with handmade botanical inks and natural products

Hanato Morito
Making educational material to inspire learning Japanese.