Chapter 1. Reminisce
Ink on paper
95 x 65 cm

I remember my mother and grandmother talking to plants as if they have a soul. When having a memorial ceremony, we talk to photographs of our lost loved ones believing that their souls are near. Reminiscing about these memories is the starting point of my work. I try to capture the essence of a memory, a feeling or a thought rather than depicting the figurative.  

The method of my painting is influenced by Sumi-e (Japanese brush painting). Leaving the blank negative spaces is important in my work to accentuate tranquility. I am also experimenting with the reaction of ink and water on paper together with other materials. This process allows me to create an ambiguous and mystical expression.
By combining paintings and three-dimensional pieces, my wish is to share a space of contemplation, a place where one can breathe and feel open.

* “Talking to her” is an installation work composed of 3 chapters for Kunstlijn expo 2021.