Verzacht  verleden

Petra Ipenburg Soonhwa KangHarma de Pont

Opening speech by Alet Pilon

Visual artist, former Lecturer  Rietveld Academie and curator of diverse projects

Galerie in de Molen

Molenplein 10, 2242 HW, Wassenaar

14 October till 12 November 2023

Friday until Sunday14.00-17.00

Petra Ipenburg, Soonhwa Kang and Harma de Pont met each other at the Haarlem Art Academy. They have in common that they create conceptual, highly personal and abstract work.

Profound events can reverberate in the present. Petra, Soonhwa and Harma continually explore echoes of the past all in their own way. A part of their exploration is presented in this collective exhibition. 

12.2022 – 1.2023

Yvonne Haven x Soonhwa Kang


Raamgalerie Windows 47


Kleine Houtweg 47, Haarlem

25 November 2022 – March 2023


Collective exhibition

Chassestraat 64, Amaterdam

31 May-24 July 2022

Soonhwa Kang
“Talking to her ll”

Solo expo at The Art of September

The Art Of September

Arent Janszoon Ernststraat 256

1082 LT


Opening: 6th of June 15.00-17.00 (rsvp)