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In Japan, we have the proverb “Tonin-Toiro” which means, if there are 10 people, then there are also ten colors: ways, characters. Therefore in creating a set of business cards, I wanted to include some diversity as each person receiving the card is different. I also believe that business cards could be a great media to start the conversation when you meet somebody for the first time.I really wanted to make sure that these cards are not just seen as “business cards’ but as “my cards”.


I have created a set of 10 different colored cards where the colors are selected from Japanese traditional colors. You can choose any color you like. Which is fun but also it might give some ideas on the she / he chooses the card.


To give the new card holder the opportunity to get more familiar with Japanese colors, I have added on the card the Japanese color name and its web color code. Finally, the motif I drew is inspired from ancient Korean patchwork. So the card design has both Japanese and Korean elements representing my Korean Japanese background.