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Self initiated project

Flatto81 is a social design project of two designers and one artist. We have started with creating handmade greeting cards using the vegetable eco inks which are non-toxic and chemical free. We focus here on the material and the design process. The design is a reflection of our everyday life inspired by the Netherlands environment. It is minimalistic, with a hint of airy subtleness rooted in our backgrounds.

To share our thoughts, we have been also recently organizing creative workshops based on using eco-vegetable inks and materials for such as Christmas ornaments making and Japanese culture events.

Creative direction / Photo: Emi Tsutsushio
Screen printing / Ink supervisor: Chika Ito
Art direction / Website development: Soonhwa Kang

第一弾としてアトリエchika itoのつくる手づくりの野菜インクを使用し、グリーティングカードをつくりました。
“Light Light”は、オランダの光を、”Forest Delight”は、森の散歩道をモチーフにと、このコレクションでは私たち3人が住んでいるオランダの情景にインスピレーションを得たデザインとなっています。