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Bits Academy

Logo, website  and icon design

I joined the design team at the social design studio, Butterfly Works in Amsterdam to create the identity and web-design of the Bits Academy. Bits Academy is the digital learning environment of the five Bits Schools in Africa. These schools exist to promote positive change in the lifestyles of less privileged youth through digital design courses.

For the logo design, we used the existing typeface which represents both a computer feel and the organic line of the animal illustrations of each school. We added the tree motif to the new logo representing growth and finding your own path. The colors of the logo are picked up from the logos of each school part of the Bits Academy.

I have also designed the marketing website and a number of icons for their online course program. We have kept the style fresh and modern since the target audience is youth. Especially for the icons, we have tried to make these simple yet with friendly and organic lines.