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Activism, Artivism and Beyond


Book design of Activism, Artivism and Beyond

Published by Partos
Yannicke Goris (The Broker)

Saskia Hollander (The Broker)

Frans Bieckmann (The Broker)
 Patricia Deniz (CIVICUS-AGNA)
 Yannicke Goris (The Broker)
 Anne-Marie Heemskerk (Partos/The Spindle)
 Saskia Hollander (The Broker)
 Bart Romijn (Partos)
 Remmelt de Weerd (The Broker)

 Language editor
 Susan Sellars

 Cover design & layout
 Soonhwa Kang


 Photo credit on cover
 No podemos ni opinar, by Martin Melaugh, copyright Conflict Textiles
 Flamenco anticapitalista 6, by Antonia Ioannidou
 The Standing March, by Kodiak Greenwood
 Barsik wins momentum, by Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda
 #NotATarget, by UN Women, via Flickr
 Relax, it says McDonalds, courtesy of IMGUR

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