Sustainable inks
  • Flatto81xCalligrane


      Flatto81 is a social design project with an aim to create sustainable greeting cards focusing on the material, design process and environment. The project is a collaboration between artist Chika Ito, graphic designer Soonhwa Kang and designer Emi Tsutsushio.   In 2012, we created the 3 kinds of greeting cards for an exquisite paper…

  • Tanabatakai 2013

    Tanabatakai 2013

    Workshop organizing with Kyoko KinderKunstKlas In this project I used my skills in holding a creative workshop for children. I organized an event with KyokoKinderKunstklas in Amsterdam. The theme is Tanabata (Japanese Star Festival). One of the workshops was painting the Milkyway using vesitable materials and Handmade eco inks by Chika Ito.This time we used the inks made from Red…