• Flatto81xCalligrane


      Flatto81 is a social design project with an aim to create sustainable greeting cards focusing on the material, design process and environment. The project is a collaboration between artist Chika Ito, graphic designer Soonhwa Kang and designer Emi Tsutsushio.   In 2012, we created the 3 kinds of greeting cards for an exquisite paper…

  • My cards

    My cards

      In Japan, we have the proverb “Tonin-Toiro” which means, if there are 10 people, then there are also ten colors: ways, characters. Therefore in creating a set of business cards, I wanted to include some diversity as each person receiving the card is different. I also believe that business cards could be a great…

  • violin cello duo recital

    violin cello duo recital

    Flyer and leaflet design for violin cello duo recital. client: Tomoko Katsura & Guillaume Grosbard (the Netherlands)

  • Malaysian Film Festival

    Malaysian Film Festival

    Illustration and note book production for Malaysian Film Festival Client: Cathay Organization Holdings Limited. (Singapore) Drew a colorful and blooming illustration for the Malaysian Film Festival.I also designed a mat laminate finish note book which was distributed as a novelty gift in the Singapore movie theatres.

  • moqui


          Mascot character creation for Mobiles Only magazine Client: Innovation Resource Group (Singapore) Charming character, MOQUI family living on a mobiles-only planet. When they are filled with emotion, their antennas extend.