Exhibition Poster and post card design for Okamura Design Space R

The exhibition “Invisible White” is a collaboration between Japanese architect Makoto Yokomizo and olfactory artist Maki Ueda.

The architect Makoto Yokomizo designed a semi-dark space that makes you feel like “endless space that is vast and misty”, and Maki Ueda made the scent diffusion system for it. As you walk into the space you cannot see at instance, then you automatically switch your priority to hearing, touching  and smelling. There’s no object but an environment. As you explore in the space you smell differently – 3 principle smells are used.


For the design to promote this exhibition, I have chosen to create an image which looks minimalistic yet rich in context. I started  with mixing the three primary colors on milk in order to get a real natural combination of the colors. After taking a picture, I changed the saturation of the image to move closer to the “Invisible White” image of the client.


「白い闇 ー invisible white」Okamura Design Space R

オカムラデザインスペースRで行われたヨコミゾマコト(建築家)さんとMAKI UEDA(嗅覚のアーティスト)さんのインスタレーションのためのポスターとDMをデザインしました。



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