• Festive Craft Extravaganza

    Festive Craft Extravaganza

    I gave a workshop at Festive Craft Extravaganza organized by Simone of Jacaranda Tree Montessori. Read some lovely posts at: Montessori Notebook Flatto81  Kyoko KinderKunstKlas Collaborator // Simone Davies/ Jacaranda Tree Montessori Amsterdam Kyoko Inatome / Kyoko Kinder Kunst Klas Hiyoko Imai Emi Tsutsushio & Soonhwa Kang / Flatto81 Images: Emi and Hiyoko

  • Creating X’mas card for Tohoku Santa Soul Train

    Creating X’mas card for Tohoku Santa Soul Train

       We gave a “creating a X’mas card” workshop to children at Oyakokai Amsterdam inspired by the project “Tohoku Santa Soul Train” to send Xmas cards to disaster survivors after the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami hit Japan’s North East territory in 2011. Kyoko from Kyoko Kinder Kunst Klas created a script and we played first…

  • Funny face making at Oyakokai

    Funny face making at Oyakokai

              I love  collecting  autumn leaves with kids at the botanical garden nearby and was thinking about what to do with these colorful treasure this year. Coincidentally I got the opportunity to give a craft workshop together with Emi  for a kids play group, Oyakokai. So we thought about making funny faces.We started with…

  • Druck Berlin 2015

    Druck Berlin 2015

    We joined the Screen Printing Festival in Berlin as Flatto81. We did a workshop to explore the combination and layering of colors using one of the basic printing techniques, with inks made from natural / eco materials. We had a wonderful time, getting to know and being inspired by many people.

  • Tanabatakai 2015

    Tanabatakai 2015

            Flatto81 workshop at Tanabatakai 2015 in Amsterdam “Summer Constellations” “Tanabata Ornaments” Here is the post at Flatto81 site. Collaborator // Flatto81  Yumika Wonder-Kids Roppongi  Voice of Fukushima  Yukinohana Organized by Kyoko ( Kyoko Kinder Kunst Klas ) and Soona Images by Masaya, Emi, Yuko and Soona Music by Kumiko